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6 Great Reasons to Work at Striation 6

We are always looking for great people to work at Striation 6. With the exception of some administrative positions, we do not mandate that we be your exclusive employer. It is our goal, however, that once you join our team you do not want to work anywhere else!

Our company is in growth mode and, to that effect, here are 6 great reasons why you would want to join our team:

1. Our "Intrapreneurial" Spirit. If you have great ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit, look no further than Striation 6. By being an "intrapreneur", you have the ability to carve a place for yourself in our company with minimal risk. Brad, myself, and our partners favour and encourage the initiative and originality it takes to effectively add to an existing entrepreneurial venture. Whether it is a custom Group Fitness class, a new position for yourself to create positive change, a marketing initiative, or anything else that could add our Exercise Community, we want to and will hear your ideas!

2. You Will Make More Money. Let's be real here: money is a huge factor when considering your employment options. Per session, our staff Personal Trainers make 25% - 100% more than they would with our biggest competitors on the Toronto fitness scene. How? We price and pay fairly. It's as simple as that.

3. We Have Awesome Equipment. All of our equipment at Striation 6 was hand-picked based on exercise mechanics and effectiveness versus distribution deals and what looks pretty. We even have one home-grown piece . . . 

4 ISOPHIT. Born, developed, and forged from the unique mind that is Brad, the ISOPHIT is the world's first total-body isometric exercise apparatus. From pain to performance, your clients will have an exercise experience like no other using the ISOPHIT. And, most importantly, you will receive an education on both how to use it and on isometrics as an underutilized exercise category.

5. We Are A Values-Based Company. At Striation 6, our values are: Teamwork, Ownership, Integrity, Purpose, Client First, and Fun. We do our best to live these values every day, and they are reflected in the work satisfaction of our staff and in the success and loyalty of our clients.

6. Service > Sales. Yes, money matters. We all need it and there is nothing wrong with pursuing it. However, we at Striation 6 believe that if we start from service - with the success and satisfaction our clients - then money natually follows! With a 4.9/5 Google star rating and simlar scores via Facebook and Listen360, it seems that this approach has worked so far. Additionally, you will never be pressured to push clients for sales. Feedback from exercise professionals who have transitioned to Striation 6 from other facilities says that they clearly prefer our environment as they get to do what they love to do rather than being constantly pressured to sell, sell, sell.

If this sounds like a workplace for you, send me a note at sam@striation6.com. I look forward to meeting you!

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