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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name “Striation 6” mean?

The word “striation” not only refers to muscle, but the particular direction of force that a muscle generates. As exercise professionals, muscular force  - owning it, optimizing it and increasing your ability to generate it – is our central concern. As a facility, we want to be a particular direction of force for change; change in how the consumer – you – is treated in your exercise environment, and the way the fitness professionals are viewed by their clients and colleagues alike. The number 6 refers to the number of habitable continents on the planet. It is our vision to be a force for positive change in the fitness industry the world-over.

Why no memberships?

We have designed our facility to be membership-free in an effort to provide you with an environment that is most conducive to your exercise progress and success. By participating in our pay-as-you-play environment, you will be able to obtain the maximal value out of your exercise-based services at a rate that suits you best; in a non-obligatory fashion, where the participation of others is not supplemented via your absence. In a membership-based model, the success of the facility is predicated mostly on your failure. At Striation 6, your success dictates ours, and it will be an absolute pleasure to have you with us.

You refer to the terms “Striator” and “ExPerience"TM. What do they mean?

To start, YOU are a Striator. You are someone who takes their exercise process seriously; who wants the best value in your purchases; who wants to access the most up-to-date services and information that the fitness industry has to offer. As a Striator, you appreciate the Striation 6 vision, and can see that your money and your time will yield maximal results for YOUR exercise process.

The ExPerienceTM  is the result of the collective efforts and commitment of Striation 6 (as well as our clients) to great exercise, service quality and the belief that being “good enough” is not adequate when it comes to your health, physique and overall well-being. From the moment you enter our facility until the moment you leave, our goal is to provide you 100% value for your time and effort with us. Feedback is always welcome – it only helps make us that much better for you!

What are Self-Directed Workouts?

Self-Directed Workouts provide you with an opportunity to visit our facility and exercise under your own guidance. We would recommend this product for the more experienced fitness enthusiast, but welcome all levels. Unlike a typical gym membership, our Self-Directed Workout services allow you to exercise at your own pace, and at no cost to you during your absence.

Why do you not have amenities such as towel service and a full selection of cardio equipment?

We have worked hard to build an exercise community that creates maximum value for our clients. Amenities such as towel services and cardio machines like treadmills, stationary bikes and elliptical trainers take up huge amounts of space and add to the cost your exercise. Should you wish to purchase a towel, we will have them available for sale, along with Yoga mats and other similar items. Our philosophy at Striation 6 is to provide you with an effective exercise ExPerience which is like no other.

Do you offer Corporate Rates?

Yes, corporate rates are available for local businesses and other groups. Please contact Blane for further information.

Can I purchase and book my services online?

Yes, you can do both. In fact, our website is so user-friendly that we would encourage you to do so. While our Hosts, Managers and other Fitness Professionals are always happy to aid in your purchases and service bookings, we have done our best to provide you with an online platform that is both easy to use and lays out comprehensive explanations of our various services. Please feel more than welcome to contact us if we may be of any assistance.

What is your refund policy?

All products and services may be exchanged for credit at Striation 6. Product exchanges are subject to the condition of the item in question. Any exchanges must be approved and executed by a Facility Manager.


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