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Isometric Training

Developed by Striation 6 Co-Founders Brad Thorpe and Sam Trotta, the Isometric Training System™ is designed to teach the benefits and techniques surrounding isometric exercise – the most often ignored yet arguably most powerful form of exercise.

Learn More About Isometric Training

With popular exercise advice placing so much of an emphasis on movement-based activity, isometric exercise has quickly become the long-forgotten “Jan Brady” of the exercise world. Using a systematic approach, the Isometric Training System Group Fitness Classes will literally train muscles from your head to your toes. Each exercise is adaptable to participants of varying fitness levels.

Isometric exercise has been shown to improve blood pressure, amplify muscular strength, increase metabolic rate (How fast your burn calories!), improve athletic performance and reduce pain levels. By taking part in this forgotten exercise format, you will not only improve your overall, but see increase in body fat loss and muscular tone. These seemingly simplistic exercises are tougher than they look! In addition to being a great physical challenge for all levels of participants, the Isometric Training System also encourages an uncommon mindfulness in your exercise practice. This not only maximizes the physical effects of the exercise itself, but is sure to leave you feeling stimulated, energized and focused for the remainder of your day.

This workout is for you, if:

  • You are looking to most effectively lose weight, gain strength or increase your flexibility
  • You need to repair an injury
  • You are new to exercise and want to learn essential fundamentals
  • You are looking to bring an increased level of mindfulness to your life

Purchase Group Classes

Package Details Price per Class Purchase
Single Maximum $120 / month $20


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