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Muscle Activation Techniques

Developed by Greg Roskopf, Muscle Activation Techniques is designed to maximize force tolerance in your muscular system to restore health, maximize muscular strength and stability, and prevent muscular-related injuries.

Striation 6 co-founders Brad Thorpe and Sam Trotta have integrated MAT as a part of their training repertoires and promote it as a valuable tool to Striation 6 staff and clients alike as they found it to be simply the MOST effective form of injury restoration and prevention in the marketplace.

Learn More About Muscle Activation Techniques

MAT is a revolutionary approach to the assessment and correction of muscular imbalances in the human body. It is a straightforward and non-invasive technique, designed to balance the muscular system. MAT provides the tools to identify restrictions in motion joint instability relating to muscle tightness and weakness. Through a unique systematic format, MAT techniques are used to “jumpstart” the muscle in order for them to function with maximum efficiency.

This service is for you, if:

  • You have muscle-related injuries that you are looking to repair
  • You are looking to remain injury-free
  • You want or need your body to function optimally on an ongoing basis

What can MAT do for you?

MAT is effective for EVERYONE from elite athletes to rehabilitation patients, and anyone in between for whom exercise is indicated. MAT has been successfully implemented with professional athletes (NFL, NBA, NHL, CFL, PGA, etc.) in clinical rehabilitative and personal training settings.

Muscle Activation Techniques is a specific and unique process for evaluating an individual’s ability to produce efficient muscle contraction. Loss of muscle contraction results in a decreased range of motion, and therefore decreased physical performance. Range of motion testing can indicate which muscles have decreased contractibility, and precise forces are applied to restore that muscle’s efficiency. The MAT Certified Specialist is trained and certified to perform several force application techniques that can restore function and strengthen weak muscles. In no time at all, you will be performing your daily activities with ease, whether that means throwing 100 yard passes or walking up the stairs!

Purchase Gold MAT Sessions

Package Price per Session Purchase
Single $150
Try 6 $90
10 Pack $110
20 Pack $100
50 Pack $90

Purchase Platinum MAT Sessions

Package Price per Session Purchase
Single $200
Try 6 $120
10 Pack $150
20 Pack $130
50 Pack $120

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