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Self-Directed Workouts

The Striation 6 Self-Directed Workout product allows you access to our Open Floor to lead your own exercise process. Our “No Memberships, Just Results” approach promises you the opportunity to take advantage of our unique, effective set of exercise tools to help you attain your exercise-related goals in a fun, interesting and – most importantly – effective manner.

Learn More About Self-Directed Workouts

Our selection of exercise tools has been selected for maximum effectiveness, and includes a number of unique and custom-made pieces, dumbbells up to 100 lbs and on-site indoor cycles as a cardiovascular compliment to your workout program.

This service is for you, if:

  • You dislike having to commit to a monthly gym membership to enjoy regular exercise
  • You want a unique, incredibly fun and highly effective exercise environment
  • You want to save your money

$10/$60 Max

Our unique $10/$60 Max Program allows you absolute access to our Open Floor facilities at your convenience, with a cap on your Self-Directed Workout cost of $60 per month.

That’s right – no contracts, no memberships and no limits to your access to our facilities. Do NOT pay us your $60 upfront! We encourage you to pay for $10 for each individual workout. If we should be so fortunate to see you for more than 6 Self-Directed Workouts in a calendar month, then each additional workout for the remainder of that month is absolutely FREE! We look forward to seeing you. Welcome, enjoy and Get Striated!

Try our Unique and Highly Effective equipment

In addition to a wide selection of standard equipment, the Open Floor at Striation 6 boasts features that are completely unique in the GTA - and in some cases Canada! These include:


ISOPHIT™ is the world’s first full-body isometric exercise apparatus. We invite you to view our ISOPHIT video blogs for basic instruction on how to use the device, or sign up for a group Isometric Training class for in-person instruction.


The MoveStrong NOVA™ Functional Training System is a complete and creative circuit setup – including a full selection of Kettlebells, battle ropes and a 125 lb Muay Thai punching bag – allowing users to perform unique total body workouts that are most conducive to a circuit training format. We invite you to view our Movestrong Circuit of the Week video blogs for individual exercise suggestions.

Purchase Self-Directed Workouts

Package Details Price per Workout Purchase
Single Maximum $60 / month $10

No Appointment Necessary

Our exercise floor is ready when you are!


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