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At Striation 6, we aim to impart the practice of Yoga in its intended form – as a lifestyle that promotes physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Our team of Yoga instructors is well-versed in various forms of the practice, and we hope to impart the true principles of Yoga onto all of our participants.

Learn More About Yoga

Yoga has been practiced for several millennia. It has become increasingly popular in Western culture in recent years due to its touted efficacy in promoting weight loss, improved health, increased strength and overall wellbeing. While these benefits are may be legitimately derived from a regular Yoga practice, the physical benefits of Yoga are the result of not just the exercise involved in the practice, but also in the lifestyle lessons that it imparts towards its participants.

At Striation 6, our instructors collectively convey safe, meaningful Yoga practices that encourage clients to not only participate mindfully in their exercise practice, but also in life. We do not facilitate hot Yoga as it presents more physical risks than benefits to most participants. If you are someone who does enjoy hot Yoga, we implore you to proceed with caution.

This workout is for you, if:

  • You are interested in or are a current practitioner of Yoga
  • You are looking to improve your mindfulness in your day-to-day life
  • You want to increase your strength, flexibility and overall physical well-being

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