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“In my thirty plus years of elite Volleyball I have never met a sports performance professional like Brad Thorpe of Striation 6. Simply put, Brad’s approach to isometric strengthening and sports performance training will forever change the competitive landscape in high-level competitive athletics. I wish he was around 25 years ago during my playing career.”

Orest Stanko
Chairperson, Beach High Performance Committee
Volleyball Canada

"I have spent the last several years struggling with mild-hypertension, non specific low back pain and a general decline in my overall health associated with aging. Enter Brad Thorpe of Striation 6, in less then 3 weeks my health is rapidly improving and I am pleased to report that my hypertension and back pain have been resolved with the implementation of a daily Isometric Exercise routine. I am more then pleased to recommend Brad to anyone looking for high yielding, evidence-based results."

Brian Kashin M.D. FRCPC
Medical Director, Acute Pain Service, North York General Hospital
Assistant Professor Department of Anesthesiology, University of Toronto
Specializing in Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

“In the world of professional sports, where player salaries are in the millions, smart teams should be seeking out affiliations with people like Brad Thorpe of Striation 6 who are versed in Muscle Activation Techniques and have earned certification as a Mastery Level Resistance Training Specialist to safeguard their investments.”

Dr. Curt McEntire, DC, ATC, NCTMB, MATCS, RTSM

“For the past several years, I have been resistance training with Brad Thorpe of Striation 6. As a family physician, I am focused on prevention and optimizing health. Brad has helped me achieve my own exercise related goals. I am very impressed with his knowledge and expertise and I have had the opportunity to recommend him too many of my patients as well.”

Dr. Marla Ash

“Several years after a hemorrhagic stroke I met Brad Thorpe of Striation 6. His approach to exercise, as radical as it might sound, helped transform the quality of my life. I would undoubtedly recommend his approach to anyone looking for optimal muscular function”

Dr. Smita Amin

“After personally experiencing the amazing results from Muscle Activation Techniques and the Isometric Training System, I would have little hesitation recommending Brad Thorpe of Striation 6 to anyone in search of better muscle function”

Dr. Diane Whitney MD, ABPN, BCETS, FRCPC

“Having personally suffered from back pain, I now realize that exercise can be a cause and a cure. That is why I seek exercise guidance from Sam Trotta of Striation 6 for my specific requirements."

Richard W. Ivey
Chairman, Ivest Properties Limited

“I consider Brad Thorpe of Striation 6 one of my most trusted advisors when it comes to my own neuromuscular health”

Dr. Patricia Colangelo

“My personal trainer is Jenna MacLeod. I’ve been working with Jenna for three months now and she is excellent. As former athlete who maintained a fairly regular training and fitness routine over the years, I thought I was in fairly good shape. But I was in a rut doing the same old exercises. I’d never had a personal trainer before and frankly was a bit skeptical. No longer. I’m now out of my rut with Jenna challenging me like never before and the results are showing. I highly recommend personal training with Jenna for anyone looking to bring their fitness to the next level.”

Dan J.

"Sam has transformed the way I look at fitness to the extent that I look forward to going to the gym. I don't consider our sessions as "personal training", but rather, lifestyle coaching. Sam and the entire Striation 6 team understand what it means to live a healthier, happier more balanced life. I'm thrilled to call this facility my go-to destination for all-around well-being."

Jessica Green
Founder and Director of Cursive PR

Brad is obviously not content with his level of knowledge and ability. He is always focusing on improvement and development himself. I would have no hesitation to recommend him to friends, family or colleagues.”

Dr. Nan Okun

“As a three-time Olympic Team member, Olympic Bronze Medalist, former Head of High Performance for Rowing Canada and Masters Rowing Athlete I thought I had experienced everything the performance world had to offer. Then I met Brad Thorpe of Striation 6. His approach to isometric-based performance training and patented ISOPHIT training device helped maximize my training and competition results. The ISOPHIT program helped to identify and correct imbalances and areas of weakness and most importantly allowed me to train all season without injury. As a result I was able to drop 10 seconds from my time at the Head of the Charles regatta and move up from 5th to 3rd, in a field of 59 competitors.”

Phil Monckton
Olympic Bronze Medalist 1984
3-Time Olympic Rower Team Canada
Head of High Performance Rowing Canada (Retired)

"I have trained with Sam Trotta since 2008, and the experience has been nothing short of life-altering. His mindfulness, expertise and efficacy as an exercise professional have contributed to my health, my confidence and my whole perception of exercise."

James R. Beattie, CFA

"I felt much better after receiving MAT treatment from Sam Trotta. I would definitely recommend the service."

Rob Oliphant
Former MP, Liberal Representative for Don Valley West Riding

“As a professional working in Sport Psychology I believe Muscle Activation Techniques, the Isometric Training System, and a true understanding of the Mechanics of Exercise found at Striation 6 provides the athlete who uses it and understands it a powerful competitive advantage in today’s world of peak performance athletics.”

Jane Henderson PhD
Sport Psychology and Performance Consultant

“I would without reservation recommend Brad Thorpe and his approach to isometric-based exercise and resistance training to anyone looking to optimize their current level of muscular function. As a Medical Doctor with a Masters degree in Public Health from the Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health I have had the opportunity and privilege to learn from the worlds best and I’d say Brad is my number one choice for my own preventative health and performance strategies.”

Dr. Larisa Hausmanis M.P.H.

“Having worked with Sam as a fellow trainer and witnessing first hand his ability to coach others I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for professional, science-based training. Keep up the great work my friend!”

Roy Ramonal
Owner - Driven Fitness

“I have been training with Sam for over six years now, he is amazing! Not only does he know what he is doing he and Brad follow a very specific training program that shows results! Great new facility, no memberships. I look forward to my sessions and am pleased with the results . . . Not your typical gym!”

John R. Fortney
Realtor - Harvey Kalles Real Estate

"Tamara is a very knowledgeable and passionate trainer. She is the perfect combination of being tough and creating an enjoyable, fun and motivating atmosphere for our sessions. Tamara helped me reach a level I never thought possible. She help me break through mental, physical and emotional barriers needed to reach my goal to become stage ready. The results achieved far exceeded my expectation. Working with Tamara has brought me many physical and emotional benefits and knowledge that will last a lifetime. Making the commitment to training with Tamara and bring my full effort to each sessions is one of the best decisions I have ever made."

Marietta Glass

"When I first started with Tamara I didn’t have very lofty goals. I wanted to lose some weight and generally be more healthy and active. I decided to go with a personal trainer because I needed someone who would take this journey with me. That was Tamara. For the next two years, Tamara guided me, taught me the proper techniques, celebrated my successes, and was a good listener to boot. I far surpassed anything I imagined. I knew that I was strong but I had no idea that I was THAT strong and I discovered that I really enjoyed weight training and exceeding challenge after challenge. Tamara opened my eyes and my mind to what was possible. I would highly recommend Tamara as a fitness coach."

Linda Szmyt


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