We’re located steps away from the Davisville Subway station, right off Yonge St. Drop by anytime for a tour of the facilities.


Our mission is to create a community dedicated to meaningful exercise, encompassing health, physique and long-term wellness. We will accomplish this by providing you with professionals who are leaders in their fields, a state-of-the-art facility, and various classes and programs aimed at instilling you with the education and confidence to own your fitness goals. 

Our pay-per-use offerings put you back in control of your exercise process. Rather than having the liability of a membership, our system allows you to select and use your exercise assets as you see fit. Our success is driven by your success, and we cannot wait to have you as part of our community! 

So say goodbye to aggressive sales tactics, confining membership contracts, and the guilty feelings of not getting your money’s worth from a monthly or annual membership. We believe you should pay for what you use and nothing more. 

Welcome to Striation 6.


Frequently Asked

The word “striation” not only refers to muscle, but the particular direction of force that a muscle generates. As exercise professionals, muscular force - owning it, optimizing it and increasing your ability to generate it – is our central concern. As a facility, we want to be a particular direction of force for change; change in how the consumer – you – is treated in your exercise environment, and the way the fitness professionals are viewed by their clients and colleagues alike.

The number 6 refers to the number of habitable continents on the planet. It is our vision to be a force for positive change in the fitness industry the world-over. 

We have designed our facility to be membership-free in an effort to provide you with an environment that is the most conducive to your exercise progress and success. You will be able to obtain the maximal value out of your exercise-based services at a rate that suits you best.