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Publish on December 1, 2015 on
4 Reasons You Must Try Muscle Activation Techniques

Greg Roskopf's Muscle Activation Techniques™ is an evolutionary form of body work. I was most drawn to it primarily because it made sense to me - the idea that giving a person an improved brain-muscle connection could help get someone into better shape intuitively sounds right. As both a client and a practitioner, my experience with MAT™ has been incredibly positive. I firmly stand by the idea that regular MAT treatment can have a profoundly positive effect on a person's life.

Here are 4 great reasons why you must trry Muscle Activation Techniques:

  1. MAT can improve your physical strength. Through improving specific muscles' response to force, MAT can allow for greater levels of muscular recruitment in exercise. This allows for a greater sense of stability throughout your body, resulting often times in an instant ability to handle more load in your lifts.
  2. MAT can help you lose body fat. When your muscular system becomes inhibited, that inhibition can prevent you from generating optimal muscular output. Certain movements and exercises may also be painful as a result of muscular inhibition. By resolving your muscular inhibition issues using Muscle Activation Techniques and properly progressing yourself back to greater levels of exercise, you will be optimized for muscular usage and, in turn, fat loss!
  3. MAT can increase your flexibility. Let's be clear: muscles don't stretch. Plastic bags, ligaments, Play-Doh - those all stretch. Muscles, not so much. What some of us in the exercise field call "stretching" has more to do with either sensation or the passive motion associated with certain exercises. Make no mistake - any motion in the body is a result of muscular contraction. So, through optimizing your muscular system's function, MAT allows for continually improved muscle contraction resulting in continually improved flexibility! Best of all, through approaching flexibility actively (versus passively) you remain in control of your body, preventing injury that may result from excessive mobility at any joint.
  4. MAT optimizes your natural ability to eliminate pain. When a muscle becomes inhibited, it decreases your overall ability to sense body and limb position, force and other key components for stability and muscular action. A lot of the pain that you or your loved ones may experience on a regular basis (back aches, foot pain, neck tightness, etc.) may be a result of that inhibition. Through Muscle Activation Techniques treatment, that muscular inhibtion can be resolved, in turn removing the reason for much of your pain to be apparent in the first place. To be clear, neither I nor the Muscle Activation Techniques organization makes make any claim that MAT treats pain (in the same way that a pain specialist physician or prescribed pain killer might claim). However, I actually appreciate our unique position: through resolving muscle inhibition, MAT treatment can remove the reason for your pain having been apparent in the first place!

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