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Publish on October 2, 2017 on
Don't Be Dense on Bone Density - Read This!

Did you know isometric training slows the reduction of bone density of the femur during period of immobilization caused by injury? Better yet, it is also shown to accelerate bone growth by upwards of 16% per year for individuals living with osteopenia and osteoporosis. 

In a recent study conducted at the Azad University's School of Medicine it was concluded that isometric exercise not only prevents the reduction of bone density, but that it may also contribute to an increase in the mineral density of the injured bone.

The results of the study show that “Isometric training in immobilization period after injury prevented loss of mineral density in neck and greater trochanter of femoral bone, and also significantly increased the mineral density of femoral bone in the experimental group.”

Isometric training or maximum compressive loading (another fancy term for isometric training under maximal compressive loading) is also shown to increase bone density in osteopenic / osteoporotic subjects by approximately 7 to 16% per year with just 5 minutes of committed time per week. This research was conducted by bioDensity. (Here’s a link to their website)

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Brad Thorpe is the inventor of ISOPHIT and Co-Founder of Striation 6 Exercise and Performance Centre in Toronto.

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