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Publish on January 31, 2018 on
The Top 3 Reasons For A Resistance Training Specialist Education

Enrolling in the Resistance Training Specialist program was categorically the best decision that I have made to date in my career as an Exercise Professional. It launched me to the “next level” as a Personal Trainer in Toronto’s competitive landscape and I am privileged to be teaching for the RTS Program starting in March 2018 (blatant plug: sign up here).

For every aspiring or accomplished Personal Trainer out there, there are many benefits that the RTS Program has to offer. Based on my own experiences, here are the Top 3:

  1. A Genuine Career Path. When I entered into the RTS program, my career as a Personal Trainer was at a standstill. Toronto is full of financial and career opportunities, and I had some tough life choices to make. Enrolling and achieving benchmarks in the RTS learning process showed me that I had a fulfilling and lucrative career ahead of me helping people through exercise. By learning how to think through difficult client cases and using my favourite tool (exercise!) to help a wider array of people, I became re-engaged and invigorated in my career, and I now have a gym of my own in the heart of Toronto that was born from the principles and thought processes of the RTS program.

  2. Decoding. There are so many (SO MANY!) different exercise options out there for Personal Trainers to adopt. However, the key question must always be: “which exercise option works best for a particular client?”. The RTS program looks at exercise in an open-minded, unbiased way wherein force is simply being applied to a particular body under certain conditions. That can be called many things: Yoga, Pilates, cardio, powerlifting, bodybuilding, restorative exercise, isometrics . . . the list is endless. I find that looking at all of these from an open lens, Personal Trainers (including myself) can decode the seemingly complex world of exercise and advise clients in more optimized, less biased ways.

  3. Value. After undertaking the RTS educational process, I made more money, met more clients, had better client retention, and received more client referrals than I ever had. Those things didn’t happen because I became a better at “sales”, talked more jive talk or any other unsubstantiated reason. My own personal training schedule and our Personal Training team at Striation 6 advanced in these ways because my RTS education enabled me to convey more value to my clients. My exercise counsel became more effective, clients became more engaged in their own exercise processes and, in turn, walked (and still do!) out of the gym doors with more knowledge and confidence than they thought possible - and they TALK about it! This ripple effect is huge and it is real.

I hope that every Personal Trainer, Group Fitness instructor, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, and any other body work and Exercise Professional reading this considers enrolling in the RTS program. I would look forward to learning with all of you.