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Publish on August 16, 2016 on
You Are Where You Are

Literally, 88 out of every 100 people who exercise say that they are doing so to “lose weight.” That’s why I started working out; I understand completely.

Almost inevitably, something during the weight loss process (other than plateauing) gets in the way of that goal. Kids, money, time, other obligations, a cookie or alternative delicious food binge that lasts for a month (be honest).

Some would call those items “excuses”. The inference there is that it is YOU, weight-loss goal-haver, that needs to be blamed. But, blame here is irrelevant. Instead, why not view those "excuses" as wishes? They are all a reflection of the fact that the work it takes to achieve your weight loss goal is hard. (Reality check: yes, that might very well be true) And, they also reflect that, somewhere inside, you feel that you are above the work; that you should have already lost the weight, or, alternatively, should not have to sacrifice delicious food, time and resources to accomplish your weight-loss goal.

After listening to the audiobook version of “The Obstacle Is the Way” by Ryan Holliday, one passage seems very relevant. The author talks about menial work, and how many great people, including one American President, started out in entry-level employment positions, working at them with dignity and persistence before achieving great things. He also quips that “only an asshole” would think that he or she is above the work that is necessary to achieve current-level success.

You are where you are – right on level with the work necessary to level-up. Do it; do it with full faith, effort and commitment. Your progress will become evident in that scenario, and you might very well  end up with great results.

(Side note: the asshole part is not necessary here, but hopefully it got you thinking)