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Daisy Fields
General Manager

Daisy is our General Manager & Lead Host at Striation 6. She has always had a passion and drive to help people in any way she can. She is a very positive and caring individual who makes it her mission to make sure that every single client feels welcomed and at home when visiting our facility. Daisy has always been interested in ways of strengthening and healing the body; this was what initially lead her to Striation 6.

Daisy has been with Striation 6 since our opening at 33 Davisville in 2014 and has shown herself to be an integral part of our Community. Looking forward, Daisy sees herself building the Striation 6 brand and community for many years to come.

If you ever have any questions or feedback about your experience at Striation 6, Daisy is your number one resource!


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