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Esther DeAndres

Esther de Andres is a very enthusiastic, energetic and positive person who loves fitness, feeling healthy, and helping others to achieve their exercise-related goals. She is a recent addition to Canada from Spain and is a passionate runner, cook, and scuba diver.

After finishing her Personal Training program and getting her OFC Personal Trainer Certification, Esther joined us Striation 6 to start her career as Personal Trainer and Group Fitness instructor in our Apprentice program.

As mother of two young children, she knows firsthand what a woman goes through pre-and post-pregnancy. She can relate to the struggle of getting back into shape and the difficult moments that come with fitness and motherhood. Her passion for exercise combined with the ups and downs of motherhood have made her empathetic towards people who are trying so hard to get back into shape, whether they have had kids or not. She believes that exercising and working out help people feel happier, more relaxed and function better in their daily routines.

Education / Certifications:
  • B. Arch., Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

  • OFC Resistance and Personal Fitness Certification

  • Personal Trainer Program Certification, Yorkdale Adult Learning Centre

Services Offered:
  • Personal Training (Silver Level)


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