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Jenna MacLeod

Jenna is a Toronto-raised Exercise Professional who loves being a part of her clients’ physical journeys. She started her own journey into the athletic world at a young age participating competitively in soccer, field hockey, and long-distance running.

As a teenager, Jenna suffered an overuse knee injury that left her unable to continue with the athletic activities she loved. This left her determined to learn more about the human body, eventually graduating from George Brown College in the Fitness and Lifestyle Management program. Through her practical and academic journeys, Jenna has obtained a variety of tools to help clients reach their exercise-related goals. Jenna is now the world’s leading ISOPHIT Strength Training Coach and was deemed to be so by ISOPHIT Founder Brad Thorpe.

Jenna brings a unique combination of intensity and compassion to her sessions. She believes engaging the mind and body will be key in promoting body awareness and prevention of injury, two very key components of health and fitness.

Education / Certifications:
  • Diploma in Fitness & Lifestyle Management, George Brown College

  • CPTN - Certified Personal Trainer

  • Certified ISOPHIT™ Strength Coach

Services Offered:
  • Personal Training (Gold Level)

  • ISOPHIT Strength Training (Gold Level)

  • Group Fitness (refer to schedule)


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