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Jessica Farquharson

Jessica has always loved exercise and has led a very active life.  She grew up playing soccer, tennis, rugby, running cross country, and later, beginning to weight train in high school.  A year ago, Jessica tore her ACL near the end of the soccer season which set back her athletic abilities. This experience changed her outlook with exercise and taught her how to safely prescribe and execute movements.


 She has a passion for inspiring others, especially when it comes to assisting them in increasing their exercise levels and habits.  Her passion for encouraging others to become more active is what led Jessica to complete the Fitness and Health Promotion program at George Brown College. Just before finishing her schooling, she became a CFES Certified Personal Trainer and CFES Certified Group Exercise Instructor.  She started training on the ISOPHIT in early 2018 and will be fully certified in ISOPHIT Strength Training by the end of 2018.


She has helped many clients, friends, and family members begin exercising and continues to do so today.  She loves educating her clients on how to exercise safely and properly, ensuring proper form and technique are kept throughout the movements.  Her creative ideas ensure working out is enjoyable and entertaining, tailoring each program to the client’s likes, wants, and needs.


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