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Kyle Castles

Kyle is an experienced professional in the Health and Performance industry.

He's an avid learner and has interests in all aspects of exercise and nutrition, but in particular the psychology surrounding how we as people engage with them.

As a coach and trainer Kyle favours a client-first system; adjusting simple, effective frameworks to fit clients and their lifestyles. Along with helping clients to filter out the overtly complex and time consuming fluff of the fitness industry, to hone in on key habits and leverage client strengths to create long-term sustainable progress.  

As a competitive national level Olympic Weightlifter he understands well that consistency and effort towards mastering basic principals are far more effective than whatever the latest quick fix may propose to be.

Education / Certifications:
  • B.A., Model Making and Design for Film and Media

  • National Diploma in Personal Training, Health Management, and Team Fitness (Ireland)

  • National Diploma in Athletic Strength & Conditioning (Ireland)

  • National Qualification in Ortopaedic Sports Massage (Ireland)

  • National Qualification in Neuromuscular Physical Therapy (Ireland)

  • Precision Nutrition - Level 1

  • Certified ISOPHIT™ Strength Coach

Services Offered:
  • Personal Training (Gold Level)

  • ISOPHIT Strength Training (Gold Level)

  • Nutrition Coaching


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