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Maicol Fragnoli

Maicol Fragnoli is a certified personal trainer and performance coach. He is a passionate and positive person who believes that the personal trainer program can provide the opportunity to individuals to combine a healthy and active lifestyle while achieving maximum function and human performance. 

He started developing his passion for sports at a young age competing as a professional boxing athlete and starting to develop his interest in racing. He is now a highly motivated professional runner who annually competes in racing competitions including marathons and half marathons. 


• Full Marathon runner (42.2 km): 3h 20min

• Half- Marathon runner (21 km): 1h 29min 

He studied Kinesiology at University level and has completed the Personal Trainer programrecognized with the OFC Personal Trainer Certification. He has increased his knowledge during his practical and academic journey in the isometric training system specialized in the use of the Isophit™ Strength Trainer to increase his clients body awareness and consequently to obtain effective results in their strength training. Maicol believes that being empathetic towards his clients will encourage the establishment of a connection with them and it will allow them to be more motivated during their training sessions.

He focuses on the training of youth and professional athletes covering a wide range of sports including triathlon, marathon and sprint running, and national and international tennis and golf.   Maicol properly guides them through both isometric and dynamic strength training techniques.


• OFC Resistance and Personal Fitness Certification

• Personal Trainer Certification, Yorkdale Adult Learning Centre 


    • Isophit Strength Training 
    • Personal Training
    • Running Coach 
    • Endurance Strength training 

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