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Mary-Danielle Cifelli

Mary-Danielle (or “MD” for short) has been an Exercise Professional for 27 years. She has a degree in Nutrition and Consumer Family Studies. MD has worked with an array of clients of varying ages and exercise goals, including Canadian figure skating legend Kurt Browning and several of hockey’s finest from the NHL.

MD has an seemingly everlasting and delightfully infectious energy that she passes on to her clients through creative, intense Small Group Personal Training Sessions. Here are the words she lives by: “Elevate your training. Base your training modules on muscle movements and patterns. Try something new in your something old and always train like a beast.”

Education / Certifications:
  • Sport Performance Institute (Levels 1 and 2)

  • Pilates (Level 9 completion)

  • ISOPHIT Certified Strength Trainer

Services Offered:
  • Personal Training (Platinum Level)

  • BEAST Camp Circuit Training (By appointment)


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