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Rachel Dix

Rachel was born in Toronto, but grew up in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia. She

participated in numerous sports as a child and teenager including baseball, softball, badminton,

field hockey and ultimate frisbee. Rachel became more aware of the importance of health and

fitness during her teen years where she developed a weight management issue in spite of her

athletic skill and activity. She made the choice to improve her life by eating healthily and

exercising off of the playing field. Rachel successfully lost over 40 lbs within two years and has

increased her strength, conditioning and overall physical ability since then.

After her success, Rachel became increasingly interested in helping others towards

exercise achievement. She has been training as a Sanda kickboxer, and is increasingly versing

herself in various exercise modalities with a particular emphasis on the ISOPHIT. Rachel

became an ACE certified personal trainer in the fall of 2018. As a Bronze Level Personal Trainer

at Striation 6, Rachel believes that her experiences and purpose in health and fitness will help to

successfully guide clients towards exercise success. She is a strong believer in the statement

“100% diet, 100% exercise”, and hopes to help implement this philosophy with anyone who

trains with her.


● Personal training

● ISOPHIT strength training


● NCCA accredited Ace Personal Trainer Certification


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