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Fact: nearly 90% of everyone who joins a gym does so in the name of losing body fat.

You might think of this goal using the terms “losing weight”, “toning”, “leaning out”, or any of the other colloquial terms used to describe such a goal.

Make no mistake: losing body fat can often be a healthy endeavour. In today’s world, we are set up for fat gain. We are busier than ever in our work and family lives with more things around to distract us than ever before, with more delicious and calorically-dense food options available at our fingertips. And, more than ever, there is a wider, conflicting variety of information available about the best ways to lose body fat.

These circumstances have caused people to resort to extreme measures when it comes to fat loss more than ever. Extreme diets and exercise regimens offered under false pretenses are rampant on social media, filling our minds with bad information and ultimately capturing our attention and dollars while setting us up to fail in our fat loss journeys.

These extreme kinds of measures are attractive because of the tendency - the want - to believe that they will work. More so, that they will work FAST. While that does happen from time to time, it is rare. Extreme measures can only be undertaken for so long before frustrated participants give up and rebound beyond their original starting points (ie. heavier, more frustrated and less willing to try again).

Most often, the people who have made long-term, successful changes to their physiques - and perhaps even built fantastic physiques - have done so by adopting habits that are healthy and sustainable.

At Striation 6, we designed this guide to help YOU enrol in such habits by framing fat loss as more of a process of gaining: health, better nutrition, higher-quality exercise and, most importantly, an outlook on the whole process that frames it in terms of getting the most out of your physical body and life for the long term.

Your body is a gift. We hope that this guide will help you to be present to that fact.

The 6 Pathways to Sustainable Fat Loss are:

  1. Triage

  2. Optimized Self-Worth

  3. Sustainability

  4. Awareness of Food

  5. Solid Nutritional Foundations

  6. Effective Exercise

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