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6 Huge Pain-Free Benefits of the Keiser Leg Press for a Great Leg Workout

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Stronger legs are a key benchmark of a healthy and strong body.

Strong legs not only help with staying active longer with athletic interests; they also help in powering everyday activities, making them easier and more accessible as the years pass.

The barbell squat is a crowd-favourite when it comes to lower-body exercises. While squats have a great reputation for providing a full-body workout experience, there are plenty of opportunities for bad form to seep in and increase the risk of injury or pain.

A great squat requires full alignment of the body, the core, the spine, the head, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, feet, and above all breathing.

On every rep, and in every set.

Sometimes, even with proper technique, injuries, pain, and joint issues can inhibit your ability to use the squat as a resource to develop and maintain leg strength.

But we can’t just "skip leg day"!

If you’re new to leg training or are returning to training your lower body after a break or injury, you can build your strength and confidence back using the Keiser Leg Press at Striation6.

Here are 6 huge benefits of using the Keiser Leg Press in your lower-body strength exercise program.

  1. The Keiser Leg Press uses a system that provides resistance through compressed air. This means you can increase and decrease your resistance throughout the rep and throughout your set, helping to ensure a pain-free leg exercise experience.

  2. You can train a single leg or both at the same time - this machine facilitates both scenarios!

  3. The adjustable seat on the Keiser Leg Press allows you to custom-fit your "bottom" position, ensuring that stay in control of the exercise from start to finish.

  4. Since your back is supported throughout the movement, you can train your legs while minimizing the chances of being limited by your spine and pelvis.

  5. No fear of "failure" here! With the Keiser Leg Press, you can reduce the resistance if it becomes too much during any given effort - quite literally with the simple push of a button.

  6. The high plate design of the machine also enables increased, safe involvement of your glutes and other hip muscles throughout the movement.

Any sustainable lower-body strength process should include a variety of movements and exercises. While squats have a great reputation within the strength and fitness community, it is easy to overlook alternatives simply because they aren't as popular - even if they might be better for you!

Will the Keiser Leg Press on its own be sufficient to get a complete lower-body workout? Let's say that is "TBD" . . .

However, paired with exercises that also target the hamstrings, calves, and hips, the Keiser Leg Press can become a great resistance tool to complete a good leg-day workout. Talk to our exercise professionals about adding the Keiser Leg Press to your personalized exercise process for better fitness and longer participation in the activities you love the most!

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