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Exercise // Thinker: 3 Practical Tips to (re)Start Exercising Better Than Ever (Tip 2)

This next tip calls on your better self to rule over your exercise process.

The self that understands that you are exercising for a meaningful purpose and does not need to do "more" in order to feel that you have done "better" in the gym.

Because more is not better; better is better.

Tip 2: Minimalism Is The Way

Once you have embodied the exercise(s) you are about to perform, do no more volume than the minimum amount to have a positive effect on your system.

This might look like:

  • one set of a few simple exercises with a noticeable but still low effort level

  • 5 minutes of continuous activity, such as walking

  • 1 - 2 short, fairly easy exercise sessions per week totaling 15 minutes each

Of course, this all depends on your current status. If you are just coming off of the couch, so to speak, the above actions on your part signify meaningful exercise progress.

It doesn't look glamourous, fancy or impressive. But, make no mistake: these minimalist actions can have drastic transformative consequences. They are the foundation of your future progress.

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