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Exercise // Thinker: A Well-Done Contribution

When it comes to good news versus bad news, bad news is always is always first for me.

Here's the bad news: done badly, exercise is bad. To make it worse, the bad ripples.

When it looks more like punishment, has no intended purpose, and leaves you feeling and functioning worse afterward, that's bad. The bad compounds on to the important people in your life who now have to deal with you in your decreased level of functioning, aimless obsession and excessive "taker" status.

That might be okay with the others, so to speak. But, this isn't about them. It's about you.

Here's the good news: done well, your exercise can compound and contribute to your betterment and that of the people you care about the most. Your improved physical function, mood and overall ability to contribute at work, home and in your community are all bi-products of good exercise.

The difference is in your aim. What is it that you really want from your exercise?

The impact of that ripple is up to you.

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