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Exercise // Thinker: Exercise Tools

Asking about the differences between a treadmill, a dumbbell, a Pilates Reformer and a Yoga mat is trite at best.

People in the exercise industry do this to provoke us to think about exercise-adjacent subjects where many of us have little wherewithal. Examples of this might include the physics of exercise, and soundbites around the effects of certain kinds of exercise versus the realities of those effects (eg. lifting heavy weights makes you bulky, Yoga makes you long and lean, etc.).

At the end of the day, all exercise implements are just tools. In much the same way that a hammer can be used to install a nail, remove that same nail and as a protective weapon (out of context, but to make a point), most exercise tools can be used to multiple ends.

You understanding your desired end-goal and what the adaptations are to that end is far more important than any particular tool. The fun with exercise really begins when you start to develop that understanding and, like a seasoned contractor, can explore the variety of tools and strategies that might help you achieve your desired physical outcomes.

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