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Exercise // Thinker: I Missed One

I did not post a blog yesterday. This was not intentional. Ie. I missed one.

My intention is to blog daily. To ship something of value about exercise (and all that goes with it) to (maybe) help with your exercise process. To make ripples in that direction.

Fact: I missed.

And I immediately heard "that voice" in my head.

"You've failed."

"You need to do two tomorrow."

"Your excuses mean nothing."

Funnily enough, this is the same voice, the same messaging and even the same wording that used to occur for me when I would miss workouts.

It's the voice that I have given up trying to shake. I realized somewhere along the line that it has some sort of protective intention, but is extremely counterproductive. It wants perfection so that I am forever free from criticism (even though that just doesn't work).

How I deal with it: I am OK with the not OK fact that I missed one.

And I move on.

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