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Exercise // Thinker: Let Me Try On My Own First

This is a common conversation that I have had with prospective clients and gym members. Here is the general skeleton of responses that they give during the conversation:

  • I'm fine, thanks - glad to be here!

  • I'd like to (insert non-descript exercise goal here - quite often it's "lose weight", but it might also be "get stronger", " be healthier" or "start taking care of myself)

  • *gallows laugh*

  • I think I'm going to try on my own for a while, then if I get stuck I'll reach out to you and ask for help

That final statement is a brush-off. Not to me, but from those clients to themselves.

That person is already stuck. They have no track record of trying - let alone succeeding! - on their own in exercise previously.

The hard truth is this: if that person (maybe you) could have moved forward in exercise on their own, they would have.

The time for help is now. Surrendering to the request is a gift.

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