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Exercise // Thinker: Pressure Valve Release(d)

I love routine. I thrive on doing things much the same way on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Routine gives me the space to be creative, analytical and relaxed when such opportunities come up.

My exercise schedule is quite regimented and routine. The exercise itself is anything but that. The idea is something like this: if I am not thinking about when I am going to exercise and I am clear about why I am exercising in the first place, then more brain bandwidth is available for the substance of the exercise itself.

Sometimes, however, a break in routine is like a mini vacation. For example, today I will be exercising at 9:30 am rather than 5:45 am (my regular time). I have an uncommon opening in my schedule to do so. This left me more time this morning to enjoy a more relaxed pace, a bit of extra coffee and a nice conversation with my wife.

What a gift, and no exercise (or any other opportunity, for that matter) was lost.

When chances like this to release a bit of time and task pressure come up, feel free to take them in whatever form seems most conducive to you having some respite. Return to your routine thereafter refreshed and more relaxed to take the day on.

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