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Exercise // Thinker: Simple Tips Are Important

I made an Instagram post a couple of days ago about the significance of drinking water. As an aim, shoot for 1 fluid ounce per pound or 60 mL per kilogram of body weight per day.

This is a general rule of thumb. Most people do not achieve it and many more do not even come close. However, I would wager that literally no one in the audience that is likely to see the reel is dying or will ever die of dehydration (at least as a result of not habitually drinking enough water).

So, what's the point of the post (beyond the dopamine rush of anticipating the number of likes it might receive)?

The very fact that few of us are likely to die from dehydration is the point. It presents no immediate threat, and we have many competing priorities for our time. So, we are likely to forget, forego and, given how tasty juice, pop and nine-dollar lattes can be, forsake the simple yet essential act of drinking water.

Simple tips from people in positions of authority, through their knowledge and, ideally, lived examples, get us back to basics. They help remind us that without a proper foundation of habits and information, our efforts - in this case towards better health, decreased pain, a more pleasing physique or whatever your exercise goals happen to be - will fall short.

No one wants that.

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