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Exercise // Thinker: Sales and Exercise

I have a litany of analogies pertaining to exercise.

Some of them come off as "dad jokes". I use them to create levity in exercise discussions with people who seem more affected by the subject. Others are more useful.

In the "more useful" realm is my analogy between exercise and sales.

Like anything, both sales and exercise can be performed well or badly, with or without purpose, and with high or little regard to the people in the transaction.

A true sales professional (at the very least):

  • seeks mutually beneficial outcomes with qualified customers;

  • has a certain level of knowledge about whatever he or she is selling; and,

  • is willing to walk away from transactions where their integrity might be compromised.

The key difference is that with exercise you are ultimately selling yourself.

Are you going for the cheap and easy sale? The hardcore workout, the rapid transformation or the instant gratification of feeling nearly injured from your efforts?

Or, are you looking long-term, with beneficial outcomes for all those involved in mind?

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