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Exercise // Thinker: The Single Action for GUARANTEED Exercise Success








Start now.

It's that simple. One action to guarantee your movement forward in exercise.

I'm sorry if the click-baity title had you expecting something else. That slight of hand is my responsibility; your disappointment is yours.

"I don't know where to start" or "I've 'started' so many times and failed" is a common response to this. The problem is likely in how you started: crash diets, extreme exercise, drastic food elimination, etc.

These are forms of self-punishment.

Try this on: you've done nothing that merits any sort of punishment.

Here are some other ways to start now:

  • Ask for help

  • If you have any sense of how to exercise, then do the smallest amount possible that lets you feel a sense of accomplishment

  • Drink more water (it is very likely you are not drinking enough)

These are beneficial, simple and kind (to yourself) ways to nudge your exercise needle forward. They don't necessarily look like exercise, but they set a solid foundation for the "exerciser" to prosper.

At your discretion, you can act on them today.

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