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riage is a medical concept - the process of determining the urgency of care for patients and which issues are most urgent for each issue individually.

In this context, we want to adopt the concept to help you determine whether or not fat loss is actually a priority for you either objectively or subjectively.

We want to strongly encourage you not to undertake the process of fat loss unless you can do so in both physically and emotionally healthy ways. One process of triage here is to undertake some real introspection to determine whether fat loss is truly a priority for you or if you are unwantedly suffering from issues around body image. In addition to introspection, you might elect to speak to a trusted friend, family member or mental health professional as part of this process.

On the more physical side of things, it is possible that fat loss is the wrong path for you to follow! Many people believe that they need to take fat loss measures to improve their health and physique when in reality a course of more focused attention to strength and muscle gain are a far better solution. These processes look quite different from fat loss! So, as part of the triage process, we would encourage you to speak to a competent, qualified exercise professional to help determine if fat loss is the optimal course of action for you.

Once you have dialed in fat loss as a total priority in the triage process, your next step to having it be a sustainable process is deciding whether or not you are worth your own effort.

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