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Nick Bissett

Nick’s fitness journey started in his teens. He was sick and tired of being overweight and hated the fact that at only 20, he felt like he was moving like a 50 year-old. After losing more than 70 lbs, Nick hasn’t looked back. He loves weight training and healthy living, and tries his best to practice what he preaches.

Nick’s background includes training at the University of Oklahoma for gait analysis and strength training for runners as well as a Personal Training designation through CanFit. He is currently studying Muscle Activation Techniques with the end goal of becoming a certified MAT specialist.

Outside of the fitness world, Nick is a videographer and photographer. He loves taking all types of photos and videos, but he enjoys portraiture the most.

Education / Certifications:
  • ISOPHIT Certified Strength Trainer

Services Offered:
  • Personal Training (Silver Level)

  • ISOPHIT Strength Training (Silver Level)


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