Striation 6 is a private Personal Training facility with the scale and equipment selection of a full gym. We would love to provide you with an optimized, professional exercise experience in a private, focused environment.

The Striation 6 Difference:

Our success is driven by your success. Find out what makes us different.

A Truly Customized Experience:

Our Team of Exercise Professionals will custom-fit your exercise experience to your unique needs and goals.


Look, feel and function better with Isophit.

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Publish on May 14, 2021 on
Striation 6 HIT - Do Isometrics!
Isometrics are a powerful, effective and progressive form of exercise that can help reduce pain, build muscle and strength, and increase athletic fitness. The ISOPHIT is a hugely valuable...
Publish on May 5, 2021 on
Striation 6 Mindset Minute - The PROCESS of Exercise
In the first-ever Striation 6 Mindset Minute, we discuss the idea that exercise is a process. Yes, it is great and even necessary to have goals and targeted outcomes with exercise. In order to...
Publish on April 28, 2021 on
Striation 6 H.I.T. - Utilize A Professional Exercise Consultant
Having an expert pair of eyes overseeing, guiding and cueing your exercise process can have a tremendously positive effect on your progress. A true Exercise Professional has the knowledge,...
Publish on April 21, 2021 on
Striation 6 Vlog - 3 Ways to Maximize Your Leg Extensions
The leg extension is an often under-rated piece of equipment that can help stabilize the knee joint, develop the quadriceps muscles and help increase overall leg strength. Check out this short...