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Sam Candy

Silver-Level Professional

Years in Personal Training

Since 2019


Acting (yes, I used to be an actor)

A Bit About Me

I got into exercise and personal training in my twenties because I fell in love with the process. I am a natural nurturer as a person, so I truly enjoy watching my clients hit their goals through pain-free exercise.

I especially enjoy helping clients who feel that they can't otherwise identify the most effective, efficient and optimal way to exercise pain-free, whether you're brand new to exercise or experienced. 

“I instantly fell in love with the process and learning how to do things properly with exercise and lifting weights..."

Watch the video to learn more.

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What does exercise mean for you?

Do you see it as a long-term investment into improving yourself? Learn more about how my ideal clients approach and achieve success with regular exercise in their lives.

Match with a trainer of your choice

The right trainer will prioritize your needs, abilities, limitations, and guide you towards pain-free exercise experience

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