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Jessica Farquharson

Silver Level Professional

Years in Personal Training

Since 2000


Tennis,  Soccer, Staying Active through Exercise

A Bit About Me

I started getting exposed to weight training, dumbbells and different exercise machines when I took a class in high school. I immediately fell in love with it.  

As someone who has always been active playing soccer, tennis, and exercising, I learned how exercise and guided exercise can help people hit their goals and that started to become my goal. It really excites me to see people hit their goals and if you're looking to hit your goal, I would love to help you too!

“I fell in love with physical training. I realized I can work on weaknesses, strengthen overall, and get to know myself better..."

Watch the video to learn more.

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Do you want to find energy at the end of your day?

Learn more about how my ideal clients approach and use exercise to find the energy to keep up with their kids and life.

Match with a trainer of your choice

The right trainer will prioritize your needs, abilities, limitations, and guide you towards pain-free exercise experience

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