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Sam Trotta

Diamond-Level Trainer & Co-Founder

Years in Personal Training

Since 2000


Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Physical Training, Isometric Exercise

A Bit About Me

I got into exercise to transform myself from a heavy teenager into someone who enjoyed and appreciated the way their body looked, felt and functioned. Throughout this journey, I have learned many things that I apply daily toward my clients achieving their health and fitness goals. 

My philosophy is simple: one size does not fit all. Every person who appreciates and uses exercise as their strategy to staying healthy brings their own set of beliefs, motivations, physical abilities, limitations and pains. As an Exercise Professional, I prioritize guiding clients toward their goals through pain-free sessions that foster repeatable, productive and enjoyable exercise habits.  

“Over the last twenty years of skill acquisition and experience, I have helped people not just with weight loss, but also rehabilitating injuries and resolved complex issues that helped clients achieve success through exercise."

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What does exercise mean for you?

Do you see it as a long-term investment into improving yourself? Learn more about how my ideal clients approach and achieve success with regular exercise in their lives.

Match with a trainer of your choice

The right trainer will prioritize your needs, abilities, limitations, and guide you towards pain-free exercise experience

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