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Esther DeAndres

Gold Level Professional

Years in Personal Training

Since 2016


Architecture, Physical Education, Pain & Injury Management

A Bit About Me

I'm a huge lover of travel, hiking, enjoying nature and staying active. Before becoming a personal trainer, I was an architect in Spain. Working while sitting down and the lifestyle gave me so much pain. 

After my second child, I decided to lose the weight to recover from my pregnancy and felt 100% stronger, and this realization made me get my certification in personal training. Now I feel so much joy when I help others realize their health and fitness goals.

“After seeing the progress I felt through exercise I thought maybe if I understand more about the body I can even help others..."

Watch the video to learn more.

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What does exercise mean for you?

If you are dealing with pain or recovering from injury, I would love to work with you get stronger, and cultivate a lifestyle through exercise that helps you live better.

Match with a trainer of your choice

The right trainer will prioritize your needs, abilities, limitations, and guide you towards pain-free exercise experience

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