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Exercise // Thinker: My Clients Are Not Like Me

Emulation might be a good place to start with exercise.

Finding a coach, trainer or friend after whom you would like to model yourself could be a great way to get things going in your exercise process.

My clients have gone passed that. Make no mistake, it is something to get passed, and sooner than later.

This is not meant to deny the value of mentorship or learning from people with valuable experience. My intention is to make the value of your own potential vision for your exercise more attractive.

Most of my clients are decades older than I am with different life priorities, and with clarity on their exercise goals (which differ quite drastically from my own).

Passed emulation, these people have determined that things that are most valuable to them and want their bodies to be in the right condition to see those things through.

Emulating me would be precisely zero help to those ends.

Me helping them zero in on seeing those things through is much more valuable.

The catch: I need you to let me know what you want out of your exercise before I might help you achieve it.

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